Dogs at Play

Photographing dogs at play can be a most excellent treat for a photographer. You get to capture interesting expressions and attitudes. But you have to expect fewer keepers and be willing to move quickly. Some dogs surprise you. I’ve written about Yule, a dog many volunteers never expected to be able to play nicely with other dogs. Turns out he sees play as a contact sport but has a soft mouth to keep things safe. Play can also be therapeutic for some dogs. Charley was drugged because he behaved like … a puppy. To be fair, he also ate a…

Bella the Great Dane

Homeward Bound is a rescue dedicated to saving Golden Retrievers but we are sometimes able to extend care to other breeds when room permits. Bella the Great Dane was one of our most unusual guests. This reminds me of a joke my first Golden would use on me when we crossed paths with a Great Dane. I’d say, “Look, Buddy, there’s a Great Dane.” His response was invariably the same: “Yeah, what’s so great about him?” C’mon, Buddy was a dog. That’s not bad considering.