My paramour has returned

That would be Yule. I wrote about him in my very first blog. His Mom is off on yet another adventure so he came to stay with me this morning.


I have kennels in a converted garage, and that is where he stayed on previous visits, but I already have 2 dogs out there. So Yule needs to be inside the house this time. We introduced Yule to my dog, Scrappy, during Yule’s most recent visit. That went well which was pretty exciting since Yule had been pegged as needing to be the only dog in a household. But after a day or so Scrappy seemed to lose interest in interacting with Yule. In my mind, then, today was going to be a big test.

So far, so good. Indoor shots are not my specialty but I am pleased to post several to show that it is going well. But I seem to have become an afterthought. Sigh.



Yule decides to help himself to a little Leg of Scrappy for lunch.



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  2. I thought that was Yule in the yard last night….Leg of Loki is one of Colonel Mustard’s favorite meals…Must be a common canine culinary delight.


    1. As long as they don’t asking for condiments.

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  3. cafall

    Hi there!

    We just found your blog! I’m glad you are all getting along. We have a dog-reactive dog and have successfully had pups stay over as guests, but yeah, it is hard to relax!

    It’s nice to meet you!

    Monty and Harlow


    1. Thank you for visiting, and nice to meet you too. This morning we had a little growling and Scrappy giving Yule a firm correction — Yule likes to take Scrappy’s head in his mouth. Eternal vigilance is the price we pay … wait, I probably shouldn’t appropriate that one.


  4. Wonderful to see them playing so well together!


    1. And a huge relief. This is more than I had hoped for this soon.

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  5. Maria and Yule

    I am so excited to see this. I hope all is still going well. Hope all get some sleep tonight. Thank you again, Rob.

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