An old friend stopped by

Bear came with his Mom to visit us at Homeward Bound a few days ago. Bear is the dog that stayed with me with me for a few weeks while his Mom was out of commission back in March. I wrote about him in this post. Bear is a special boy and it was good to see him again. I asked him to sit and he dutifully posed for several photos. His mom has trained him well!

Mostly roses

The Homeward Bound Gardeners have blessed us with some beautiful roses to admire. The Memorial Garden looks wonderful and remains an oasis of peace and tranquility for volunteers and dogs alike. I don’t do much at all in the garden anymore so I’m not always up on the latest developments. I recently noticed the abundance of aster in our midst. It’s wonderful. There is one item that is a little concerning though. I don’t know for sure if I was supposed to see this. I’m all for experimentation and new ideas and such. But I’m wondering if grafting milkweed on…

‘Spresso the Wonder Dog

‘Spresso is a frequent visitor at my house. I wrote about him not so long ago in this post. ‘Spresso left yesterday after a stay of more than 3 weeks. It seemed more like 3 days. This time around he provided invaluable assistance with 2 other dogs staying with me. One of those dogs is Walter. I wrote about him in my most recent post. I don’t anything about Walter’s first 5 years but I suspect he had limited socialization with other dogs and not a lot of quality interaction with people. Walter is a sweet boy but never seemed…

Walter is back

Last week I wrote here about sweet Walter returning from a stint in San Diego as a greeter in a flower shop. The very next day he was adopted by a local couple. I was confident this match would last. I was wrong — Walter came back today. The reasons it didn’t work out aren’t relevant for the blog. The adopters weren’t at fault in any way. In fact, it’s admirable that they took the appropriate action sooner rather than later. We appreciate that. I went over to HB to bring him home, and he was happy to see me….


Bing came by to spend time with us today while his Mom helped feed the canine residents at HB. He was a popular during his l-o-n-g stay here. Fortunately, he’s one of those “don’t worry, be happy” types. That kept him from getting stressed out waiting for the right opportunity. Then he struck gold in May when he went home with Lorey. You can read more about Bing in Ogee’s post here.

Sweet Walter Boy

Walter is one of the new dogs I have at the house. No big issues with this boy. He actually first came to HB in February, 2016 and was named Leroy. Leroy Jethro Gibbs to be more specific. I wrote about him in this post. He was adopted almost immediately and went down to San Diego to enjoy life as a greeter in a flower shop. Problem was that he liked to explore, a pursuit made nearly effortless due to a shop door that beckoned him each time a customer came in. Between that and some curious incidents at a…