Shaggy goes home

My beloved Shaggy has left because his Mom returned home from her trip. I’ll miss him but I was thrilled to have Shaggy here for just over a week. He seemed to feel comfortable from the start — not terribly surprising as he lived with me for several months a couple years back. The other night was much like old times. I was lying on the floor with Shaggy watching TV. I was watching TV. Shaggy was having a great time fidgeting and putting his legs on me in awkward ways. That boy is not a respecter of personal space…

Yule drops in

Yule’s Mom, the wealthy heiress, decided at the last minute to spend Christmas in Vienna. Something about the skiing being outstanding there this year. Yule, of course, is always welcome here. That makes five for Christmas. Yule. My Scrappy. My Lilly. More on her still to come. My beloved Shaggy. A Homeward Bound alumnus. And Molly. She’s here from Homeward Bound because she likes to “mouth” people hands a little too much. Make that way too much. But she’s improving.