A brief run through the HB garden

I haven’t shot much in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden lately. And I probably won’t do so for the near future at least. But yesterday I took a dog over to visit with his best friend, Lori, and that gave me an unexpected opportunity to spend a few minutes in the garden.  

Yule’s in the house

Yule arrived last week for a 2 1/2 week stay. Hurray! Even Lilly was excited to have Yule visit. That’s significant as they had some fireworks during their 2nd cohabitation. I like to have the inside dogs out in the front yard when we’re expecting a boarder. Sometimes we have to do an introduction or a re-introduction. But I always like to see how excited Scrappy gets when Yules comes. Both Scrappy and Lilly love to see Maria (Yule’s Mom). There was a time when Scrappy considered Maria to be his mortal enemy. No more.   What happened next was…