Lilly the Lookout

Lilly spends a lot of her yard time watching. I assume she is checking her surroundings for signs of danger and the occasional tasty critter. She’s not one to abandon her post. Staying on task — at least this task — seems to come easy for her. Lilly sometimes seem unaware of me when I enter the yard and approach her. She does allow herself to sit but her eyes stay glued to the terrain in front of her. Even moving in front of her doesn’t guarantee attention from her.

Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Nora, the blonde below, is a superstar dog when it comes to playing with other dogs. Nora excels at adapting her play style to the dogs she is with. In this post you can see her being a ruffian with the boys (Ryder and Decoda). Always willing to play but never gets too rough. On the other hand, it’s amazing to watch Nora self-handicap when playing with a puppy. She even takes the time to teach the young ones how to play properly.

Yukon searches for a friend

A Homeward Bound alumna visited today. Yukon, originally “Marie”, came back to look for a new friend. We thought Ryder would be a good match for her but it didn’t quite work out. I told Ryder that a Great Pyrenees wanted to meet him. But I think Yukon overheard him respond, “Yeah, what’s so great about her?” She met a few other dogs, and was polite and all, but she didn’t show much interest in any of them. Once we ran out of suitable suitors for Yukon, I decided to play along shot and went home to get Monty. You…