I became involved with Homeward Bound in 2009 after moving to Sacramento. I had adopted two Golden Retrievers back in Arizona, and still had one with me. Buddy had passed suddenly earlier that year. It was time to start volunteering again, and my love of dogs made Homeward Bound a natural choice. A couple years later I also started playing around with photography and got hoodwinked into taking photos of the dogs at Homeward Bound. I’ve improved some since I took my first snap there. I hope.

Looking back, it’s fair to say the journey has been interesting and rewarding. I’ve learned a lot from the dogs and the good people at Homeward Bound. I am not a trainer, nor do I play one at Homeward Bound. But you can learn a lot and have a profound effect on a rescue animal’s life even without taking a lot of formal training.I encourage anyone interested in helping animals in need to find a rescue group or a shelter and get started. You don’t need special skills to get started. But you will acquire them as grow.

I’ve been encouraged by my good friend, Ogee of Gardens for Goldens, to share some of my photos and experiences. So here they come. I hope you like them.


  1. Awesome that you are helping animals and encouraging others to as well! This is what I hope to do with my blog too, only my focus is more on animal cruelty topics and changing laws. 🙂


  2. You are a good man, Rob.

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    1. Thanks, Mike. I try.

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  3. Thank you. We’ll see what the blogosphere has to say.


  4. About time you shared your talents with others. Welcome to the blogospere. 🙂

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