Long time passing

It’s been ages since I posted anything. Or looked at the blog in any way. I see I have some comments to attend to. Apologies are in order, and I do so apologize now for an unacknowledged absence. I’m sure this has not even been noticed by many readers but it’s still rude. I hate it when I’m rude. I was considering packing it all in but next year’s fees were charged so I may continue the blog. I really just don’t now yet. It’s light out now. I’ll probably go back to bed and attempt to steal back an…


Buster departed for The Bridge this week. He was an entertainer who milked a crowd for all the attention he could command. Maybe he opted for a sudden departure for its dramatic effect. Or perhaps he thought it would be a kindness to those he loved to avoid long, agonizing goodbyes. It’s hard to tell what such a dog as Buster was up to. I wish I had the skills to do justice to the wonder that was Buster. Better you should read Ogee’s Buster’s Little Miracle for that.  Still, I feel compelled to offer a few poor words and some…

How many is too many?

Dogs, that is. I’ve wondered how many dogs I could have mingling inside the house. I’ve had 5 for several days with 1 or two more in the kennels (converted garage). That was a lot. Of course, the answer first depends on which dogs are on the list. Some dogs just aren’t going to get on with other dogs no matter what you do. This Thanksgiving weekend I have the opportunity to see if I can handle 6 dogs inside the house with 1 in the kennels. I’ve had all of these dogs boarding with me before but they all…

Tucker makes a new friend

Tucker lost one of his special play friends a few days ago when Baxter got adopted. Tucker was one of the few dogs that wasn’t overwhelmed by Baxter’s energy and rambunctious play style. I tried to take Tucker as often as possible to give them both a workout. As luck would have it, Tucker met a new friend the day after Baxter said farewell. His name is Karl. We quickly found out that Karl and Tucker had quite similar play styles. Here’s hoping they can spend many hours together.

Our old friend Arco

The handsome Yellow Lab, not the Sacramento arena. His family is off to India for a wedding so Arco gets to visit with us for a bit. Arco used to live across from me when I lived in Folsom. The city, not the prison. He became infatuated with me and watched my house intently in order to monitor my comings and goings. I’m grateful that I still get to see him.