Espresso, Rest in Peace

Last week I got a call from Lucky, Espresso’s Mom. He had passed. Cancer, that too frequent nemesis of Golden Retrievers. I hadn’t seen him for a while but I thought of him often. He stayed with me for a couple months after he arrived at Homeward Bound in June, 2014. I don’t recall why he came to me. He had heartworm so he had to restrict his activity severely for 30 days during treatment. But heartworm positive dogs don’t always go to foster for treatment. But he stay with me he did, and he has stayed in my heart…

A Visit from ‘Spresso

I’m late in posting about ‘Spresso’s visit. Late with just about everything lately, to be honest. ‘Spresso has actually been here for a couple weeks already, and is going home Saturday afternoon. He is doing quite well. every time I see him he has a bit more confidence. Still full of love though. I love this boy.  

‘Spresso the Wonder Dog

‘Spresso is a frequent visitor at my house. I wrote about him not so long ago in this post. ‘Spresso left yesterday after a stay of more than 3 weeks. It seemed more like 3 days. This time around he provided invaluable assistance with 2 other dogs staying with me. One of those dogs is Walter. I wrote about him in my most recent post. I don’t anything about Walter’s first 5 years but I suspect he had limited socialization with other dogs and not a lot of quality interaction with people. Walter is a sweet boy but never seemed…

Walter is back

Last week I wrote here about sweet Walter returning from a stint in San Diego as a greeter in a flower shop. The very next day he was adopted by a local couple. I was confident this match would last. I was wrong — Walter came back today. The reasons it didn’t work out aren’t relevant for the blog. The adopters weren’t at fault in any way. In fact, it’s admirable that they took the appropriate action sooner rather than later. We appreciate that. I went over to HB to bring him home, and he was happy to see me….

Sweet Walter Boy

Walter is one of the new dogs I have at the house. No big issues with this boy. He actually first came to HB in February, 2016 and was named Leroy. Leroy Jethro Gibbs to be more specific. I wrote about him in this post. He was adopted almost immediately and went down to San Diego to enjoy life as a greeter in a flower shop. Problem was that he liked to explore, a pursuit made nearly effortless due to a shop door that beckoned him each time a customer came in. Between that and some curious incidents at a…