Long time passing

It’s been ages since I posted anything. Or looked at the blog in any way. I see I have some comments to attend to. Apologies are in order, and I do so apologize now for an unacknowledged absence. I’m sure this has not even been noticed by many readers but it’s still rude. I hate it when I’m rude. I was considering packing it all in but next year’s fees were charged so I may continue the blog. I really just don’t now yet.

It’s light out now. I’ll probably go back to bed and attempt to steal back an hour or so sleep before the alarm goes off. Before I go I will post a few photos. I turned off the autofocus on these. I’ve been practicing manual focusing on my autofocus lenses when I sit in the front yard with my dogs in the evening.

Max is back. Just visiting this time.

Tucker making faces. He claims he is not making faces. I harbour some doubt about that

Brandee. The one that gets away with things I never thought I would tolerate.


And a crappy snap of Scrappy. Didn’t want him to feel left out.


  1. Beauties 🙂


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    I’m so glad you’re back, Rob! I’ve really missed your pups, your words, all of it! Thanks for sharing these great photos with us! 🙂


  3. Sue Keeley

    You have been sorely missed. I kept wondering when I would get my wonderful Rob and Dog blog alerts. Please keep sharing your musings.


  4. Great photos. The many faces of Tucker are so cute.


  5. Nice that you are back after your break. I’ve lost a few posts since then, so I just thought that you were one more. Glad that you are not – and welcome back.


  6. Cindy Towne

    When your blogs stopped I thought maybe something had happened to Scrappy (God forbid). So glad that was not the case.
    Everyone needs a little break. Just makes us want you even more. Please continue your posts. I really enjoy your point of view. Both you and Ogee have great blogs but they are different. If you just don’t feel it though, I’m sure we will all understand. But Rob, your blog is very entertaining and much loved.
    Okay now for Tucker and those ears – I’ve never seen such furry ears on a golden like that. But they are so cute!


  7. Hi rob. We’ve missed you!


  8. Julie

    Please stay – I love the posts – they keep my heart happy – plus taking a break is not rude….


  9. Jana Hook

    That is a good snap of handsome Scrappy-doo!!!


  10. Lori Burke

    I’ve missed your postings, I hope you continue…


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