‘Spresso and Scrappy playing … not

Scrappy is too busy looking for stuff on the ground to eat.


But ‘Spresso and I have a good time by ourselves.






Scrappy did manage to make time to harass a car just coming in. Teaching ‘Spresso bad habits.




  1. Thank you. You are very kind.


  2. Staying at your place is like going to camp…with beautiful photos to boot!

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  3. wonderful anecdote and images, down to the spit over the muzzle! Spresso reminds me of a cross between our Homer and our Sophie.

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    1. Thank you, Eric.


  4. Dipesh Bhattacharya

    Confidence to run towards a car. I will take that bad habit

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    1. As long as there is fence between them!


  5. Mary Tonningsen

    Such nice photos – love the one with all the red leaves! Really pretty against ‘Spresso’s coat! Is that dog slime across his nose? I’ve always loved that look; it never fails to bring a smile to my face 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yes, that’s dog slime. Evidence of a good time.

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