Iceland Poppies

A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail soliciting a guess as to what recently arrived at Green Acres (a local nursery). My response was “mistletoe”. Mistletoe is on my mind this time of year because I take full advantage of the license this tradition offers me. Good timing along with quick and stealthy moves provide opportunities I can only dream of throughout the year.

But I was wrong. It’s okay though because the correct answer turned out to be: ICELAND POPPIES!!! Yep, capitalization and three exclamation points. Someone was excited about this. Of course, I was too. Iceland poppies grace a garden with breathtaking splashes of rich, deep colors. I love them. My gardener friend with the very soft heart knows how much I love color so she regularly plants a variety of colorful blooms in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. She does do that just for me … doesn’t she?

Here are some shots of this year’s Iceland Poppies a day or two after planting.

r-d_ice-poppies_810_5634 r-d_ice-poppies_810_5665 r-d_ice-poppy_810_5663

Beautiful, yes, but here are a few examples from last winter (it’s California!) that show what we have to look forward to.

r-d_ice-poppies_810_7302r-d_ice-poppies_D4S_6043 r-d_ice-poppies_D4S_5561 r-d_ice-poppies_D4S_5560



  1. Mary, they survive all winter at the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. And Rob…your gardening education is incomplete. The last photos are of Ranunculus. 🙂

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    1. Dang. I was afraid of that. I think they went in around the same time. It’s the vivid color that matters. Back to studying.

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  2. Mary Tonningsen

    So pretty! Do you know if those hold up during a frost or freeze like we had recently?


  3. Audrey would appreciate a visit, I’m sure.


  4. sargentmt

    I’ll have to make my way to the garden to see these Iceland Poppies near the Christmas tree.

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