Not all the beautiful plants are in the garden

At Homeward Bound, I mean. These lovelies are on the fences just outside the dog kennels. I think they’re called listeria. They attract these really cool black jumbo bumble bees. I think they are bumble bees. I have tried to shoot the flowers many times over the years but have never succeeded in capturing them in the way I intended. That’s not to say that none of the photos are nice. Just not what I wanted. I’m letting go of that and just accepting what I get instead.  

A brief run through the HB garden

I haven’t shot much in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden lately. And I probably won’t do so for the near future at least. But yesterday I took a dog over to visit with his best friend, Lori, and that gave me an unexpected opportunity to spend a few minutes in the garden.  

Shaggy stops by

Shaggy’s Mom brought him with her to HB yesterday. She was feeding the kennel dogs in the morning and didn’t to leave him home due to some construction happening at their house. I was grateful to be able to spend a little time. He was lying in a yard when I arrived so I lay down next to him and stroked his beautiful coat. I had forgotten how he starts to “purr” when you do that. Shaggy stayed with me for a couple months while undergoing treatment for heartworm. They can’t run or play during this time because the worms…