Shaggy stops by

Shaggy’s Mom brought him with her to HB yesterday. She was feeding the kennel dogs in the morning and didn’t to leave him home due to some construction happening at their house. I was grateful to be able to spend a little time. He was lying in a yard when I arrived so I lay down next to him and stroked his beautiful coat. I had forgotten how he starts to “purr” when you do that.

Shaggy stayed with me for a couple months while undergoing treatment for heartworm. They can’t run or play during this time because the worms could get dislodged from the heart and cause serious damage elsewhere in the body. I loved Shaggy with all my heart and was gratified to be able to place him in a wonderful home. Plus, I get to see him now and then.

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  1. He’s so handsome, just makes me smile looking at him. Glad you got to spend time with him I bet he enjoyed it as much as you:)

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    1. Yes, he makes me smile every time I see him.


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    Aw, he’s beautiful and definitely shaggy! I’m so glad you got to spend some time with your dear friend. 🙂

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  3. Jana

    Handsome boy. Love his little gray on his eyebrows!

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    1. He thinks that makes him look distinguished.


  4. He is a beautiful dog. Glad you were able to help him recover and find a furever home.

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    1. He was a delight to have in the house.


  5. Carol

    What a beautiful boy Shaggy is. Very happy he found a good home.


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    1. It was hard to let him go.


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