The goats return

But this time I have some dog reactions.

I made a small change to this on in Photoshop. Can you guess what it was?

I first realized the goats were back by the change on Lilly’s face. I turned to see the goats making their way toward us. Today they came as close as a few meters the other side of the fence.

What is Lilly thinking here?

I must say I like shooting goats. Easier than dogs because they don’t move as quickly or as suddenly. Their coats have interesting colors and some nice detail. And those strange eyes! But no more goat photos. Not for a while anyway.


  1. Jana Hook

    I like Scrappy Doo’s intense look…keeping an eye on those goats!


  2. cheryl taverna

    Ok …. curiosity has the best of me …. what was the photoshop change????

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    1. I covered up a portion of his, um, back end. A friend used to make do that to the dog photos. To make it family friendly, I guess.


  3. Goats are cute though. It’s good that the dogs weren’t totally freaking out.


    1. As was I. Surprised and pleased. And that fence is only 5′ there so Yule could jump if he just tried.

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