Goats in my backyard

Not the fenced in portion. The area beyond that.

They belong to my neighbor. Sometimes they lunch in my yard. Perhaps by design, perhaps not.


I could tell he was about to charge me. I was caught without my cape so I skedaddled back behind the fence. But what were the dogs doing during all this? The dogs that bark furiously at these same goats when they are two yards away on their own property?

Yule and Scrappy were strangely quiet as the goats approached withing 30 feet or so. Not so brave now, are you? Lilly was in sleeping on my bed. And Brandee? She watched from the steps.


  1. I thought the same. That is the first thing I thought of is how fat the goats are. I am also proud how the dogs seem to be behaving themselves.

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    1. Goat steaks in the future?


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    Rob, the goats look pretty husky – is that due to all that winter fur they’re carrying, or are they just chubby? To be honest, I’ve only seen goats in person a couple of times in my life, so it’s possible most goats look that heavy. I’m more used to seeing cute baby goats online hopping around, so I really don’t have anything to compare your neighbor’s goats to except that.

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    1. An excellent question. I don’t know much about goats but it occurred to me yesterday that they looked pretty darn well-fed to me.

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