The goats return

But this time I have some dog reactions. I first realized the goats were back by the change on Lilly’s face. I turned to see the goats making their way toward us. Today they came as close as a few meters the other side of the fence. I must say I like shooting goats. Easier than dogs because they don’t move as quickly or as suddenly. Their coats have interesting colors and some nice detail. And those strange eyes! But no more goat photos. Not for a while anyway.

Goats in my backyard

Not the fenced in portion. The area beyond that. They belong to my neighbor. Sometimes they lunch in my yard. Perhaps by design, perhaps not.     I could tell he was about to charge me. I was caught without my cape so I skedaddled back behind the fence. But what were the dogs doing during all this? The dogs that bark furiously at these same goats when they are two yards away on their own property? Yule and Scrappy were strangely quiet as the goats approached withing 30 feet or so. Not so brave now, are you? Lilly was in…

Salt and pepper

I recently tried to get some shots of two dogs playing. I don’t expect perfect photos when the dogs are wrestling and running about. I just don’t have the chops for that. But people like them, and I occasionally get a shot that I am truly satisfied with. But… on the two days in question the subjects were Aspen and River — a white dog and a black dog. That’s brilliant white and pitch black. Okay, to be honest, River’s coat has dark brown highlights.  But he’s still quite dark. The contrasting subjects pose a dilemma for the camera’s meter….

Crop circles

Dogs: DaddyDog, come quick! In the backyard! That would be Scrappy, Lilly, and Brandee. They like to call me DaddyDog. Think it makes them edgy… or something. Me: What do you want now? Dogs: Hurry, come quick. We’re guarding it for you.   Me: Guarding what? Scrappy: It’s a crop circle. Come see it quick! Me: What makes you think it’s a crop circle? Brandee: Well, it’s in a circle. And it’s round. I think. Me: What kind of crop is being grown? Lilly: Looks like grass. Yeah, I think it’s grass. Or weeds. Your backyard isn’t all that great…