My last photo of Chief?

This may the last shot I take of Chief. He went home today. Chief’s new Dad brought in Chief’s new brother so they could meet for the first time. That was the last hurdle before Chief could go to his new home. Lori managed the intro so naturally it went swimmingly. Chief’s new brother is a Rotti mix so they are both big dogs.

So now Chief’s Dad is happy. All the volunteers are happy. I’m happy. And I’m sure Chief is happy. He’s in the best place he could possibly be. He hit the Lotto.

In case you’re wondering, Chief, Brandee, Scrappy, and Lilly are watching volunteer JudyO eat her lunch. Being polite dogs, they all offered to help.


  1. So glad that Chief got his furever home! Love that picture of the “Helpful” dogs. So cute.


  2. I know he was loved and well looked after at HB, but a furever home – well that’s something else. I am so glad for him, but sad for you and I do hope you do see him from time to time.


  3. derrycats

    Hooray! Blessings on Chief and his new forever family.

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  4. Carol Lobmeier

    So happy for Chief. I hope he has found his forever home, I also hope you get to see him once in a while.

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    1. That would be nice. But it’s gratifying enough to know he’s in a good place.

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