My good friend, Charlie

Charlie came to visit but just for an overnight. I didn;t have much of a chance to get a good photo, and Charlie, like many dogs, doesn’t care to look into the camera lens. So this profile is the best I could manage. When Charlie sees me again after having been away for a while, he chooses to show his affection by one or more serious body slams. I try to take it as a compliment.

My last photo of Chief?

This may the last shot I take of Chief. He went home today. Chief’s new Dad brought in Chief’s new brother so they could meet for the first time. That was the last hurdle before Chief could go to his new home. Lori managed the intro so naturally it went swimmingly. Chief’s new brother is a Rotti mix so they are both big dogs. So now Chief’s Dad is happy. All the volunteers are happy. I’m happy. And I’m sure Chief is happy. He’s in the best place he could possibly be. He hit the Lotto. In case you’re wondering,…

Lilly the Lookout

Lilly spends a lot of her yard time watching. I assume she is checking her surroundings for signs of danger and the occasional tasty critter. She’s not one to abandon her post. Staying on task — at least this task — seems to come easy for her. Lilly sometimes seem unaware of me when I enter the yard and approach her. She does allow herself to sit but her eyes stay glued to the terrain in front of her. Even moving in front of her doesn’t guarantee attention from her.