Look, pal…

I like movies from the 30s and 40s. The 1930s and 1940s. One of the things I like is how they use the word “pal” in a vaguely threatening manner.

When I saw this photo, I imagined Andre saying to me, “Look, pal, I got a bone to pick with you.”







  1. Julie

    Or… he is saying – I know you have a cookie – let me have it

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    1. It’s true that he does expect his treats.


  2. Jana Hook

    Handsome Andre!! He is definitely thinking of something.

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    1. Perhaps I disturbed his nap.


  3. “Where’s my food?”

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    1. We do actually give him extra because he needs to gain weight.


      1. In contrast, Ray gets so many treats when out that we have to watch his weight. Our “magic number” that he must not exceed is 80lbs. He generally hovers around the 76-78lbs range! 🙂

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        1. Ray looks like a big guy so are doing well to keep his weight good. I can be cruel to let dogs get fat.


  4. Carol

    Oh my gosh, that is perfect! That’s exactly what his expression seems to sayl

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    1. What? Someone agrees with me?


  5. Mary Tonningsen

    He’s definitely giving you “The Look”! LOL!

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    1. One of my brothers used that phrase. He’d talk about a thing he had a disagreement he had with someone. And he’d say, “Then I gave him “The Look”. And he had himself quite a look.

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      1. I knew that look very well as my daughter progressed through her teens!


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