Espresso, Rest in Peace

Last week I got a call from Lucky, Espresso’s Mom. He had passed. Cancer, that too frequent nemesis of Golden Retrievers. I hadn’t seen him for a while but I thought of him often. He stayed with me for a couple months after he arrived at Homeward Bound in June, 2014. I don’t recall why he came to me. He had heartworm so he had to restrict his activity severely for 30 days during treatment. But heartworm positive dogs don’t always go to foster for treatment. But he stay with me he did, and he has stayed in my heart ever since.

I was sorely tempted to keep Espresso (then Watson) but that’s not what I do so once he was healthy we started looking for the right people to take him into their lives. Espresso was fortunate that Dipesh and Lucky came along at just the right time. He was shy with people–that was the thing Espresso needed help with. I recall that Dipesh and Lucky also met another great dog that day. A dog that was younger and more social with people. I was a little surprised, and impressed, that they chose Espresso over the younger dog. I think that was a great choice for all three of them.

I put off writing about Espresso’s passing partly because I wasn’t ready for the bittersweet process of filtering through all the photos I have of him. Moments of sadness and joy that shouldn’t seem to go together but somehow they do. Finally buckled down and steeled myself for the task.

Espresso was an exceptional dog. A slightly goofy personality. Affectionate. And handsome too!

He was a happy guy.

And athletic. He loved zooming around the yard with or without his toys.

He loved other dogs.

Bo-Bo, Scout, and Espresso
Espresso and Walter
Walter, Espresso, and Dipesh

Didn’t mind getting dirty when the moment called for it.

And he loved affection from the people he trusted. I’ll miss you little buddy.


  1. Such a lovely dog. So very sorry for the loss. Even although he was not with you, it still hurts.

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    1. He gave so much back to the people that knew him.


  2. Carolynu

    Rob a beautiful and bittersweet tribute for a special boy! I’m so sorry for his loss but he is still alive in your heart.

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  3. I’m so sorry about the loss of a special friend. A beautiful tribute that you can his people can look back on with smiles and tears.

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  4. Lori Burke

    I’d only been volunteering for 2 months when Watson came in. He stole my heart immediately; the scared ones always do. This is a beautiful tribute Rob….

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  5. Mary Tonningsen

    Such a beautiful boy! I’m so glad that he had you, even for a short while, and Dipesh and Lucky for his last few years. What a lucky boy to be so loved! Thank you for sharing him with us, Rob!

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