One of the saddest events at Homeward Bound, at least for me, is when we take in an older dog that was picked up running, or just walking slowly, on the street. I try to avoid feeling sick inside by imagining a sequence of events in which the dog’s owner doesn’t deserve a healthy dose of instant karma. Thinking that someone abandoned one of these precious bundles is sometimes too much. Better to rejoice that they had the good fortune to make their way to HB where we will help them make the most of their lives. Camille is one…

My good friend, Charlie

Charlie came to visit but just for an overnight. I didn;t have much of a chance to get a good photo, and Charlie, like many dogs, doesn’t care to look into the camera lens. So this profile is the best I could manage. When Charlie sees me again after having been away for a while, he chooses to show his affection by one or more serious body slams. I try to take it as a compliment.

My last photo of Chief?

This may the last shot I take of Chief. He went home today. Chief’s new Dad brought in Chief’s new brother so they could meet for the first time. That was the last hurdle before Chief could go to his new home. Lori managed the intro so naturally it went swimmingly. Chief’s new brother is a Rotti mix so they are both big dogs. So now Chief’s Dad is happy. All the volunteers are happy. I’m happy. And I’m sure Chief is happy. He’s in the best place he could possibly be. He hit the Lotto. In case you’re wondering,…


I’ve written before about one of the mixed blessings of doing rescue work. When you meet hundreds of dogs you’re bound to fall in love with more than a few of them. And then there are the few that for some reason your heart just aches with the desire  to take them home forever. Chief is one of those dogs for me. I’ve never been foolish enough to make an ordered list of the dogs I’ve loved the most at HB. But I can tell that Chief would be near the top if I made such an effort. Ogee has…

Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Nora, the blonde below, is a superstar dog when it comes to playing with other dogs. Nora excels at adapting her play style to the dogs she is with. In this post you can see her being a ruffian with the boys (Ryder and Decoda). Always willing to play but never gets too rough. On the other hand, it’s amazing to watch Nora self-handicap when playing with a puppy. She even takes the time to teach the young ones how to play properly.