Kermit the Cat

The story is that Kermit just showed up one day at Homeward Bound and never left. I’m not a cat person but Kermit could live with me if he wanted to. If my foster dogs would allow it. And Yule, who stays here often.

Kermit seems to just suddenly appear just about anywhere on the grounds. He often seems intent on irritating the dogs from whatever vantage point he has assumed. But, as with many cats, he affects an inscrutable air  that leaves us wondering about his true motives.

He.s confident, affectionate, and incredibly handsome. He used to wander over to the garden shed and eat Frida’s meals. Frida is the garden cat. I told him to knock it off. I hope he listened to me. Yeah, right.

Homeward Bound volunteers: Do you have any favorite Kermit stories?


  1. My neighbour is a cat person and I am told she has about 5/6. If they come over the fence Benji considers them fair game in his property. All except 1. We started some weeks ago seeing a big orange cat sitting in the carport next to the driver side wheel. Benji didn’t chase, the cat didn’t run away and they sort of “nosed” each other. This happened most morning I took Benji out and it got to the stage that he was looking for this cat. Other cats come over the fence, Benji goes for them. This one comes over the fence, they “nose”each other and the big orange cat just simply turns and walks away – Benji does likewise. Strange – very!! I must try and get a photograph.

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    1. Isn’t that so strange? Please do get a photo!


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    I love cats! I have 5 at the moment. Kermit is beautiful – I’m so glad he has a home there! I’ll keep my eyes out for him the next time I visit. 🙂

    1. I suppose it’s a little easier to have 5 cats over having 5 dogs. Isn’t it?


  3. Don’t think Yule and Kermit could be playmates unless Kermit wants to play chase and get away. Kermit is certainly right there in the garden helping.

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    1. Maybe next time I will introduce them.


  4. Jana Hook

    I am not a cat person, but I do like Kermit the Kat!! He is handsome and does his own thing. He is everywhere. Feisty and sweet all rolled into one body.

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    1. And Kermit seems to like you back.


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