It’s gratifying to be part of success even if it’s a small part. A lot of parts went into Lucy and Lilly’s success story which you can read about in Gardens for Goldens here and here. Many of you already follow Ogee so are happily familiar with her beautiful photos and writing. For those that don’t, click the links. It’s worth the trip.

I was able to give Lucy and Lilly a place to stay while we assessed them and started the process to find them a new home. They are not relate despite their similar appearance. That’s Lilly on the left.


Lilly was the reserved one so I made an effort to connect with her. I was successful to a point but it one of her adopters that broke through almost instantly to make the connection Lilly needed.


Lucy has a different personality that allows her to fit in easily.


She made a strong impression on Scrappy. You may recall that Scrappy doesn’t play with too many dogs. He mostly tolerates the dogs I bring into his house. I swear I hear a big sigh of relief when they finally go on their way. But Lucy! Why that boy would spend several minutes egging her on till she consented to play with him. Maybe it was all the kisses.

The kennels at Homeward Bound are full so I have Teddy back until he goes home on Saturday. I’ve missed that boy.

r-d_teddy_8106584 r-d_teddy_8106781


  1. Love what you do, fills my heart xx


  2. Your work with these kids and your images are both stellar. Thanks for everything you do to make HBR great!

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    1. Thank you again.


  3. derrycats

    I love the things you do for the Homeward Bound dogs. They are so lucky to have you.

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    1. Thank you very much.


  4. The Smiling Pilgrim

    So cute :)!


  5. Not a small part. A big part. A very big part. Thank you for fostering them until we found their perfect home.

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    1. The easy part. They were lovely guests.

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    1. I’m glad you like them.

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