Danny came over from China with several other dogs somewhen about the end of 2019, if memory serves. I was fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with him for a couple weeks after he arrived. He had perfected the “I adore you” gaze before he arrived, and I admit to being beguiled by his charms. Later I discovered that he shares that gaze with everyone. Even so, I would have taken him home had I been able to.

Journey’s Last Hurdle

Dogs are usually more resilient than we expect. Journey is a minor case in point. The ‘Last Hurdle’ in the title refers to Journey’s neutering and subsequent donning of the cone. This was the last challenge he had to manage before he could be adopted to some lucky home. Journey came to to Homeward Bound from a local shelter that didn’t have the resources to keep him given that he required extra time to get over his fear of people. He had been living on the streets of Sacramento for at least three weeks while some Good Samaritans tried to…

Espresso, Rest in Peace

Last week I got a call from Lucky, Espresso’s Mom. He had passed. Cancer, that too frequent nemesis of Golden Retrievers. I hadn’t seen him for a while but I thought of him often. He stayed with me for a couple months after he arrived at Homeward Bound in June, 2014. I don’t recall why he came to me. He had heartworm so he had to restrict his activity severely for 30 days during treatment. But heartworm positive dogs don’t always go to foster for treatment. But he stay with me he did, and he has stayed in my heart…

The goats return

But this time I have some dog reactions. I first realized the goats were back by the change on Lilly’s face. I turned to see the goats making their way toward us. Today they came as close as a few meters the other side of the fence. I must say I like shooting goats. Easier than dogs because they don’t move as quickly or as suddenly. Their coats have interesting colors and some nice detail. And those strange eyes! But no more goat photos. Not for a while anyway.

Goats in my backyard

Not the fenced in portion. The area beyond that. They belong to my neighbor. Sometimes they lunch in my yard. Perhaps by design, perhaps not.     I could tell he was about to charge me. I was caught without my cape so I skedaddled back behind the fence. But what were the dogs doing during all this? The dogs that bark furiously at these same goats when they are two yards away on their own property? Yule and Scrappy were strangely quiet as the goats approached withing 30 feet or so. Not so brave now, are you? Lilly was in…


Pepper is an extraordinary dog. A gorgeous German Shorthair that came to us because because her owner was moving. Confident, smart, good with other dogs in play group. Unusually calm and mature for her five months. There was no way sh was going to be with us very long. It took all of three days.