Bella the Great Dane

Homeward Bound is a rescue dedicated to saving Golden Retrievers but we are sometimes able to extend care to other breeds when room permits. Bella the Great Dane was one of our most unusual guests.

This reminds me of a joke my first Golden would use on me when we crossed paths with a Great Dane. I’d say, “Look, Buddy, there’s a Great Dane.” His response was invariably the same: “Yeah, what’s so great about him?”

C’mon, Buddy was a dog. That’s not bad considering.


r-d_bella-GD_810_6263 r-d_bella-GD_D4S_4127  r-d_bella-GD_D4S_4184


  1. Cindy Towne

    Hey, I thought the joke was cute. Beautiful photos. The first two say it all – Sweet Bella.

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    1. Thank you! Some subjects make it much easier.


  2. Susan

    I fell in love with Bella, like so many of us. As always, you really captured her sweet and gently goofy self. These photos are beautiful Rob.

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    1. Thank you again, Susan.


  3. Beautiful shots. Of course, the best ones are of Bella in her new home! What a great guest she was.

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    1. Thanks very much. Very true about the best shots.


  4. sargentmt

    Beautiful looking Great Dane. You have captured some beautiful shots of him.

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    1. Thank you, Maria.


  5. Janet Isom

    Buddy definitely had a sense of humor, Rob. Beautiful photos of Bella, the Great Dane. Love your blog! Deeply appreciate you sharing your photographic and story telling skills. I fell in love with our rescue, Holden the Golden Lab, simply by viewing your incredible photos of him on Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue’s website. You make such a difference by showing potential adopters more of the dog’s personality through your photos. Thank you for caring.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. I’m glad you and Holden found each other.


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