1. I missed this lovely post about Tori!! She’s a great cat. I’d snapped a series of photos of her a while back because her markings are so beautiful, and because she’d gravitated towards me as if she wanted a chat! I suspect she sniffs all my cats on me when I’m up at the ranch.


  2. She’s beautiful!

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  3. derrycats

    Pretty girl!

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  4. Mary Tonningsen

    Oh, Tori is the sweetest thing! Always so friendly and such a talker and often one of the first to greet me when I get there 🙂

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    1. She usually runs away when I come in.


      1. Mary Tonningsen

        LOL! Maybe she needs to come live with you for awhile and let Scrappy work his magic on her 😉

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        1. Well, Scrappy has a big interest in the cats. Not quite sure about the nature of that interest.


  5. Susan

    I love when the cats are acknowledged and I love Tori. She is such a cool cat 🙂

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    1. We’ll have to do more of that then.


  6. And Llamas. But we don’t have testing category for them. Yet.

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    1. Are you developing the protocol?

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