News we don’t like to get

Of course, we want all of our Homeward Bound dogs to stay adopted once they go home. It’s much easier to take if it’s simply a matter of the match not being right. Perhaps the dog was too high energy for the adopter’s lifestyle, or someone in the household turned out to be allergic to dander. Then we can vow to get it right the next time. Occasionally though, we have a dog come back due to a bite. That’s much more distressing.

Yesterday I received a text message from a friend/volunteer at the rescue that Walter had come back (previous posts here and here and here). Details are sketchy but it seems there was scuffle with another dog and a human tried to intervene and got nipped for his trouble. I don’t yet know how serious the event was but we dread this sort of news because the consequences can be serious.


When a dog comes back from a bite incident, we don;t take them out when there are lots of people on site. Safety precaution. Consequently, I didn’t rush over to see Walter. I waited until supper time when I knew I could spend time with him. But I did worry about him all day. When I got to HB, Walter was already out in a yard after eating his supper. He didn’t react much but he seemed to remember me. I sat with him for a few minutes then leashed him for a walk. We went over to the big yard and walked the fences together. Then spent some time in the garden and strolled around the pond. Walter wasn’t freaked out but I could tell he was stressed.

We went into a yard where he could wander freely. Before long he just lay down still looking stressed. I had been making an effort to keep moving due to the mosquitoes. They seem to like me for some reason. Despite the warmth I donned my hoodie and zipped it up tight. Self-preservation, you know. I lay down near enough to Walter to be able to touch him. He eventually rolled on this side and gave me his belly. I rubbed it for a good bit. He gradually inched close enough to me so that our hips touched lightly. We lay there until it was time to go in. Walter will always have a home with me no matter what happens.


  1. I have been bitten by a dog as a result of being involved in a dog scuffle. I put my hand out thinking they’d stop, and they did not – well, a lesson learned. The dog who bit me by this accident knew exactly what he had mouthed and I could tell that he did not mean it. It gave me enough flight though, to see blood and feel that jolt. I am glad that Walter went home. I think it is beautiful the way you spent your time with Walter. Thank you for sharing with us!


  2. From your previous post, it sounds like Walter got along pretty good with other dogs, so I’m curious as to what precipitated the incident that resulted in a bite. It is very sad and a lot of shelters won’t even try to re home a dog that has “shown aggression.” They just put them down. So, I’m glad that is not the case here and hope he will find a furever home with you or some other gentle soul.

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    1. A very good question. I heard that Walter previously had an incident with a small dog or dogs, and that left him with some very bad feelings toward them. When he had a chance to act on them, he did. But that’s what I “heard”. It’s a common story but I can’t say what is the truth in this case.

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  3. sargentmt

    Ah! thank you for sharing the story!

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    1. You’re welcome.


  4. I really wish that was an isolated incident, but we all know that is not the case. I take my hat off to all the people who are caring for our troubled furry friends. Keep up the good work (which of course you will!) 🙂 🙂

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    1. Colin, I echo your wish. I believe that nearly all problems with dogs are due to humans. Sometimes it’s lack of education or carelessness. Sometimes incomprehensible malice. But I hope for a good future for Walter boy.

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  5. Carol Lobmeier

    Walter is a lucky boy to have you. His story is sad. If he doesn’t find a forever home, he will have yours.

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    1. Thank you. He went back home so I hope everything works out well.


  6. That’s sad to hear, but what you said at the end warmed my heart! Bless you guys.

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    1. I heard yesterday that his owners came and took him home. I hope they can keep him safe.

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      1. Oh that’s good to hear. I really hope they take good care of him!


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