Walter is back

Last week I wrote here about sweet Walter returning from a stint in San Diego as a greeter in a flower shop. The very next day he was adopted by a local couple. I was confident this match would last. I was wrong — Walter came back today. The reasons it didn’t work out aren’t relevant for the blog. The adopters weren’t at fault in any way. In fact, it’s admirable that they took the appropriate action sooner rather than later. We appreciate that.

I went over to HB to bring him home, and he was happy to see me. He’s not yet a particularly demonstrative dog but I could see it in his eyes.


When I got home I left Walter out in the front yard and went in to get the other dogs. Scrappy and Lilly, my permanent fosters, and ‘Spresso who is still boarding with me. There was a whole lot of sniffing going on when they got together again.

Five minutes getting reacquainted then they reverted to their normal routines. ‘Spresso played with the toys. Pop bottles are toys for him, yes.


Scrap watched a plane fly by.


Lilly stood watch.


But there was a new wrinkle or two. Lilly spent a lot more time closer in. She even made eye contact on her own for a few seconds. I swear she looked a little . . . happier. This was all quite welcome.


Sometimes when ‘Spresso starts tearing around the yard with a toy, I notice Lilly “twitch” just a little. As if she wanted to take off after him. But she rarely does. Some day maybe.

But today there was something to celebrate. Lilly remained in a vulnerable position with ‘Spresso while he gave her a quick “nose over”. I was pleased.


And Walter was Walter. I’m not worried about finding Walter’s forever home. It’s just taking a bit longer than expected for some reason. In the meantime he is welcome here.



  1. Small victories will lead to larger ones. Hope Walter finds a forever home soon.

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  2. What a good dad you are, Rob! Thank you for all that you do…

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    1. Thank you. You’re very kind.


  3. sargentmt

    I was wondering what all those pop bottles were in your back yard the other day when I drove by. Glad to see the 4 getting along.


    1. Rob Kessel

      ‘Spresso brings those out and leaves them. That’s why I call him ‘Spresso-Messo.


  4. Mary Tonningsen

    At least he’s back in a great place where he’s loved. 🙂 And stop calling your beloved dog ‘crappy’… 😉 LOL!


    1. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out.


  5. A good question that. Often it has nothing to do with the dog. Sometimes people just aren’t ready. Sometimes they realize they got in over their heads with a young dog that needs lots of training. But we’ll find the right folks for Walter.

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  6. He looks like a lovely, sweet boy. Why would anyone not want him?

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