Bing came by to spend time with us today while his Mom helped feed the canine residents at HB. He was a popular during his l-o-n-g stay here. Fortunately, he’s one of those “don’t worry, be happy” types. That kept him from getting stressed out waiting for the right opportunity. Then he struck gold in May when he went home with Lorey.

You can read more about Bing in Ogee’s post here.

r-d_bing_7504420 r-d_bing_7504413 r-d_bing_7504418


  1. sargentmt

    Thanks for putting the link to the original post of Bing. He looks like one happy dog now that he has Lorey. It’s always nice to see updates of past stories.

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    1. Sure, I have to send people to the really good posts.


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    ‘They call me Mellow Yellow (that’s right, slick!)’ What a cutey he is. I’m glad he’s happy. 😀

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    1. Good ol’ Donovan Leitch! Everyone was thrilled when Lorey took Bing home.

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  3. OMG…he looks great. Sorry I missed him. 😦

    Thanks for the plug. 🙂

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    1. He really, really looked good. I think he lost a little weight. He was always a happy guy but seems even more so now. Lorey is taking such great care of him.


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