Our old friend Arco

The handsome Yellow Lab, not the Sacramento arena. His family is off to India for a wedding so Arco gets to visit with us for a bit. Arco used to live across from me when I lived in Folsom. The city, not the prison. He became infatuated with me and watched my house intently in order to monitor my comings and goings. I’m grateful that I still get to see him.


I’ve written before about one of the mixed blessings of doing rescue work. When you meet hundreds of dogs you’re bound to fall in love with more than a few of them. And then there are the few that for some reason your heart just aches with the desire  to take them home forever. Chief is one of those dogs for me. I’ve never been foolish enough to make an ordered list of the dogs I’ve loved the most at HB. But I can tell that Chief would be near the top if I made such an effort. Ogee has…


Bing came by to spend time with us today while his Mom helped feed the canine residents at HB. He was a popular during his l-o-n-g stay here. Fortunately, he’s one of those “don’t worry, be happy” types. That kept him from getting stressed out waiting for the right opportunity. Then he struck gold in May when he went home with Lorey. You can read more about Bing in Ogee’s post here.

Introducing dogs

On Saturday Judy O and Lori were introducing dogs. I hung around to watch. Sunshine was already out in a yard with them so they went off to see which dog would be a good match for her. For the most part we don’t bring dogs together for safety reasons. Not all dogs are friendly with other dogs and it’s a challenge to keep track of who is and who isn’t. So we keep them at a safe distance. But the experienced walkers do introductions for several reasons. We do initial dog tests just to help determine if a dog…

Max goes home

You might remember Max. He’s the impossibly handsome Lab with the shiny eyes who’s made several appearances in my posts. He went home on Sunday, Valentine’s Day. Yes, he sure has my heart. Max is a joyful boy with an intense curiosity about everything in his world. He is big and strong and sometimes a lot to handle. On the outside. On the inside he is still just a little boy. But that little boy could put up a ferocious front when faced with a situation that scared him — like another barking at him. Max worked through his issues…