Max goes home

You might remember Max. He’s the impossibly handsome Lab with the shiny eyes who’s made several appearances in my posts. He went home on Sunday, Valentine’s Day. Yes, he sure has my heart. Max is a joyful boy with an intense curiosity about everything in his world. He is big and strong and sometimes a lot to handle. On the outside. On the inside he is still just a little boy. But that little boy could put up a ferocious front when faced with a situation that scared him — like another barking at him. Max worked through his issues with the help of the volunteers at Homeward Bound and my Scrappy.


It took a while for Max to find his forever home. And that’s okay. I never expected Max to be adopted quickly due to his past issues and the fact that he still needed some work. We put some restrictions on who could adopt him and that made it a little harder too. Sure, we wanted to get Max home as soon as we could. But it’s just as important that he stay home so as not to disrupt his life again. Max’s patience was rewarded in spades. His new people were clearly able to see through all the “stuff” and recognize what an awesome dog Max is, a true diamond in the rough.

Before his new people came back to get him, I made sure Max got to spend lots of time with his friend, Scrappy.

And Max had to say goodbye to lots of two-legged friends at Homeward Bound as well. I should add that he has more than three friends. These are just the ones that made it into photos.

For me this is yet another bittersweet moment. I am overjoyed that Max has found the home he deserves. At the same time my heart aches to think he’s gone. I hope he comes back for a visit. I want to thank him again for everything he taught me and all the joy he brought me.


  1. Happy life Max!! You’ve come such a long way!!! Hooray!

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  2. sargentmt

    Thank you Rob for working with Max, and letting him have the chance to go home. As I remember he was your BARKER!
    Ah, another playmate of Scrappy.

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    1. He did bark at times. Very, very loudly.


  3. Mary Tonningsen

    Well, that story brought tears to my eyes! So glad he found his home. And on Valentine’s day, no less. What a special day for Max and his family! ❤

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