Winston was out on a stroll when he and our stupendously dedicated volunteer, Amy, happened upon me in the garden. I was trying yet again to capture a good image of the daffodils. Those little devils torment me for some reason. I rarely get a good shot of them. So I was happy to stop and say hello to Winston.

I don’t know him well but somehow he managed to get on my lap while I was still crouching low to the ground. Definitely an affectionate boy. Sadly, Winston won’t be made available for adoption. You wouldn’t know by looking at him most days but he gets seizures, some of them serious. Winston is a popular guy at Homeward Bound so he gets lots of love and attention.

He’ll always have a home here and get his medical needs taken care of. He doesn’t ask for much to tell the truth. A nice easy walk around the grounds and some high quality lazy time in a yard. I’ve been thinking about him this evening because I spotted him in a yard with one of his best friends, Judy. M. I’ve seen them together a lot but I ignore all the whispers. I hope you are with us for a good long time, Winston.





  1. Such a sweet, soulful boy loved by so many!

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    1. Indeed.


  2. derrycats

    Kind of a sad look in the guy’s eyes, sweet too. I’m glad he is somewhere where he gets lots of good care.

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    1. He has days where he’s fairly animated and days where he isn’t. Today he was jumping up in his kennel trying to get my attention. But I couldn’t take him out today.


  3. Mary Tonningsen

    Maybe safer that way, with the seizures and all? That’s probably why I haven’t seen him. Of course, I’m not out there much compared to most people.

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  4. Mary Tonningsen

    What a sweet, sad face he has. He looks like a love. Is he over in Sugar Shack Acres?

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    1. No, he’s in the kennels. Not sure why.


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