1. Mary Tonningsen

    She’s saying “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” 🙂

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  2. Careful of your heart. She’ll steal it.

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    1. Too late. Those eyes will do it every time.


    1. Quite.


  3. Carol

    What a beautiful girl. I see sadness in her eyes though and I hope I’m wrong. She’s so pretty. Hope there’s a forever home in her very near future.

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    1. Paris has been adopted for a while, actually. I was collecting photos for the seizure dogs that came in last year so she was on my mind. I didn’t know her because she was adopted right away. She looks much less serious in the photos of her running around the yard though. The dogs often clam up facially when I’m taking shots closer up as in this photo. I believe that many dogs are unnerved by the big staring at them, i.e. the lens. I’m betting she’s a happy girl.


      1. Carol

        Oh I sure hope so. It’s wonderful that she was adopted right away. Wish they were all so lucky.


  4. Chris White

    She’s a Misfit and needs a special home like mine, right?! Lol

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    1. You deserve an easy dog for your next one.


  5. derrycats

    Such a regal face.

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  6. She is beautiful!

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