At Homeward Bound we get new dogs in every week. When I came up to the front of the rescue to see our new residents, Leroy definitely stood out. Having escaped from his own crate shortly before arrival, he was was standing on another dog’s crate eager to make his exit. He had to wait, though, because we had to move some crates so he could get down safely.


I was drawn to him immediately. “I want to take him home,” I said. I’m not sure exactly why I felt that way. Sure, he’s handsome but that certainly wasn’t all of it. Or even most of it. Maybe it was his eyes. But it was probably mostly because Leroy struck me as a blue-collar dog. What’s a blue-collar dog? Hard to explain exactly but it has something to do with both looks and personality.

In Leroy’s case it might be the scars on his face.


Some of the dogs look pretty relaxed and confident when they arrive. But if you look closely you can see the anxiety in their eyes. I never quite get used to that.


Fortunately there are people like Tatia that can make any dog feel more comfortable. She’s one of those people whose calming presence helps the new dogs make a successful transition to their temporary stay at the ranch. Homeward Bound is lucky to have several such volunteers available to comfort that dogs that need special care.



  1. […] in February, 2016 and was named Leroy. Leroy Jethro Gibbs to be more specific. I wrote about him in this post. He was adopted almost immediately and went down to San Diego to enjoy life as a greeter in a […]


  2. Dipesh

    He is beautiful

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  3. derrycats

    The scar under Leroy’s right eye looks like the one on Harry Potter’s forehead – maybe he’s had extraordinary adventures! Glad he found HB.

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    1. And can do magic. A bonus feature!

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  4. Happy Valentine to to everybody there …. including those wonderful canines. 🙂

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    1. Ditto!

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  5. Mary Tonningsen

    Oh, Leroy is a gorgeous boy! Yes, you and Tatia both are Dog Whisperers extraordinaire! I’m so glad you are at HB to welcome the newbies 😀

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