An old friend stopped by

Bear came with his Mom to visit us at Homeward Bound a few days ago. Bear is the dog that stayed with me with me for a few weeks while his Mom was out of commission back in March. I wrote about him in this post. Bear is a special boy and it was good to see him again. I asked him to sit and he dutifully posed for several photos. His mom has trained him well!

I let Scrappy down today

I didn’t trust what he was telling me. Perhaps it would be better to say that I didn’t trust my first interpretation of what he was telling me. Scrappy is one of our best dog testers. When meeting new dogs he is calm and doesn’t usually react badly if the other dog dog is unsure of herself or behaves a bit rudely. He also doesn’t push himself on a new dog. Well, to be honest, he can be somewhat too thorough in the olfactory examination — if you know what I mean. Today we paired him up with a girl…