An old friend stopped by

Bear came with his Mom to visit us at Homeward Bound a few days ago. Bear is the dog that stayed with me with me for a few weeks while his Mom was out of commission back in March. I wrote about him in this post. Bear is a special boy and it was good to see him again. I asked him to sit and he dutifully posed for several photos. His mom has trained him well!





  1. Mary Tonningsen

    He’s a very handsome guy – love that saddle across his nose and cheeks! He looks very sweet!


  2. Cindy Towne

    Bear is a beautiful dog and his mom is a beautiful person also.

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  3. He is a handsome dog indeed – and very photogenic. Benji is not too bad – he sits and looks at the camera and at just the right moment, he dips his head. :o)

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    1. Scrappy loves to do that to me. Then he smirks just a wee bit.


  4. Bear is such a handsome dog. I have a hard time getting Tippy’s picture. The other day, she would sit and look at me, but, the moment that I hit the button to take a picture, she would turn her head. I guess she likes her profile better. LOL

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    1. I know how that goes. I get far more profiles than straight on shots.

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