A couple new dogs arrived in the last week. One is a boarder named Charlie. I worked with Charlie in 2015. He was surrendered to HB because of excess anxiety if I recall correctly. He was diagnosed with pica — regularly eating nonfood items such as pebbles. He was taking Prozac when we got him. Turned out his problem was really just that he was a puppy. We weaned him off the Prozac, worked with some of his behaviors, and he was adopted right away. Charlie is now a very happy and healthy boy enjoying what life has to offer. His new owner has done a great job with him.


Halo is an 11-month old Golden Doodle that apparently has had little or no training in his short time on this earth. He pulls and jerks on the leash and generally behaves as if no one is on the other end. He barks a lot and is obnoxious around other dogs. Oh, and he jumps on people with great abandon and gnaws freely on your hands and arms. He’s got a little work to do.

So far the name “Halo” is not getting rave reviews so a new moniker is a definite possibility. Someone suggested “Teddy”, or Theodore for when he irks me. That brings to mind the Beaver and all the times Ward hollered at him when he got in trouble. That could work. I won’t name him though. Even though I come up with terrific names I am forced to suffer great indignities at the hands of my friends and fellow volunteers.

You want an example? Easy. You should have heard the ruckus when I suggested that Scrappy be renamed “Kickstand”. You’d have thought I killed someone! But look at the photo! What else would you name this dog?






  1. LOL! Oh Rob, you crack me up! Kickstand is perfect 🙂 I needed that laugh tonight. And despite their issues, those are beautiful dogs! Thanks for the good read!

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