Dogs come and go here

Charlie is leaving tomorrow. I’m a little sad about that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having him here but it is better for him to be back with his family.



But as Charlie starts packing to return home an unexpected guest arrives. I was very pleased to welcome Bear today. He is a gentle, happy boy with a beautiful soul. But he is also capable of roughhousing as he did with Charlie this afternoon. He is one of those dogs that I wanted to take home as soon as I met him at Homeward Bound.

And Scrappy is till Scrappy. Probably wondering when this parade of dogs through the house is going to stop. Tonight I believe I heard him muttering, “Enough is too much already.” Sorry, Scrap.



  1. Mary Tonningsen

    He’s a beauty!


  2. Thanks for the update on the boy! Scrappy will keep him line!


  3. They are, aren’t they? I was thinking they could stay with me as a pair since they get along and play well. Alas, Charlie goes home today. And Bear will eventually as well. Sigh.


  4. Handsome golden!

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