Max flips Scrappy

Max had to go back to the Homeward Bound kennels a few weeks ago because I ran out of room at my house when Marshall came. When that happens we watch to make sure there is no backsliding. Max was a little unsure of himself during a couple dog introductions recently so I’ve been wanting to bring Scrappy over to spend time with him. Max and Scrappy have played hard several times before so how they interacted now would be instructive.



No problem! They played just fine for half an hour. But … Lori was there. You remember the story of Scrappy and Lori, right? Lori’s presence causes Scrappy to show off so he decided to climb Mount Max. The thing is he got a little more than he bargained for.

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Scrappy, of course, recovered quickly and let Lori know that it turned out exactly as he intended … and wasn’t she impressed with his acrobatic skills? Max just looked at me and said, “Riiiiight.”







  1. These are two of the most lovable clowns ever!! Amazing photos as always Rob!

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    1. Thank you.


  2. I think I need to get some video of Max so people can really appreciate him.


  3. This is too funny…and the perfect post to show Max’s future person! They are going to love him. 🙂

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    1. Susan

      Completely agree; Max is so lovable.

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    2. Maximillian, one in a trillion.

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      1. Oh…you’re a poet too!

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  4. derrycats

    Too funny!

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    1. Max certainly thought so.


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