Max and the Tiger

Max was in a mood this afternoon. I was going to use the tiger for a lens test. But Max had other ideas.


I took the tiger back but Max was not shy about expressing his emotions.




I decided to postpone the test and gave him back the tiger. Max was pleased.




  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    My dogs seem to always get what they want. I love that face… I see it all too often on mine!


  2. derrycats

    The dog wins every time!

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    1. Only because they play dirty.

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  3. Love the tilted head, asking you WHY you took his tiger? LOL! He’s clearly happy you gave it back 🙂 Great photos, Rob!

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    1. Thank you, Mary.


  4. Cindy Towne

    Loved that face. It spoke volumes – haha.

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    1. He has some seriously interesting faces. And likes to get into everything.


  5. Kathryn


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  6. sargentmt

    wonderful pictures, Rob. How could you not give back the tiger after looking at that face.

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    1. Yeah. Scary, huh?

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