We’ve had a bunch of dogs that make my heart beat faster lately. There is more than one kind of dog that does that to me but the red ones tend to have a leg up on the others. McLeod came and went quickly as you can well imagine. He was one type of almost perfect dog for me — the young and playful type. He was a little shy at first but quickly passed through it. His personality was much like my first Golden, Buddy. Very physical play with lots of affection. It’s amazing how fast you can form a bond with these dogs.



  1. Physical play, but done with clear affection, is a wonderful experience. I cannot thing of anything more genuinely accepting than that, and (in Ray’s case) with 75lbs of playful affection …………………!

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      1. Hi Rob – Not really just yet, but he quite frequently jumps up on the bed when I’m sitting on it and either butts me with his head, or simply tries to push me over. He responds very well to being grabbed and pushed around a little so there is physical contact in a “restrained/controlled” way.

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