Yule and Tucker

Yule met Tucker during his last visit but they didn’t get on right away. That’s actually not unusual for Yule even though we’ve introduced him to quite a few dogs over the last two or three years. Yule is generally standoffish for a bit until he decides the other dog is safe. Then they’re good.

But with Tucker it seemed that Yule had to replicate his “new dog” assessment each time they shared the yard. So Yule met Tucker’s advances with a worried look and an occasional weak growl. About 20-30 minutes into the play session Yule would pluck up his courage and start tearing around the yard as fast as he can. The other dogs do their best to keep up but Yule is usually best of the lot. This is when you need to find a safe space against the fence.

It’s still gratifying sight to see the dog that was shaking with fear when he first came to Homeward Bound playing at a high level in a pack of friends.

It helps to have an excellent helper dog in the pack. Tucker has achieved the coveted “Rock Star” status as determined by Lori. Tucker truly is an amazing dog because he adjusts his play style according to the needs of his play partner. He has been a big help with several dogs at Homeward Bound.



  1. He is so fortunate to have a second home with all his buddies. He really enjoys the running at full speed. Guess I need to keep feeding him that high protein food to so he can keep up. See you Tuesday!


  2. Carolynu

    Great pictures, both still and action shots! Tucker is truly a Rock Star!


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