Long time passing

It’s been ages since I posted anything. Or looked at the blog in any way. I see I have some comments to attend to. Apologies are in order, and I do so apologize now for an unacknowledged absence. I’m sure this has not even been noticed by many readers but it’s still rude. I hate it when I’m rude. I was considering packing it all in but next year’s fees were charged so I may continue the blog. I really just don’t now yet. It’s light out now. I’ll probably go back to bed and attempt to steal back an…

How many is too many?

Dogs, that is. I’ve wondered how many dogs I could have mingling inside the house. I’ve had 5 for several days with 1 or two more in the kennels (converted garage). That was a lot. Of course, the answer first depends on which dogs are on the list. Some dogs just aren’t going to get on with other dogs no matter what you do. This Thanksgiving weekend I have the opportunity to see if I can handle 6 dogs inside the house with 1 in the kennels. I’ve had all of these dogs boarding with me before but they all…

Tucker makes a new friend

Tucker lost one of his special play friends a few days ago when Baxter got adopted. Tucker was one of the few dogs that wasn’t overwhelmed by Baxter’s energy and rambunctious play style. I tried to take Tucker as often as possible to give them both a workout. As luck would have it, Tucker met a new friend the day after Baxter said farewell. His name is Karl. We quickly found out that Karl and Tucker had quite similar play styles. Here’s hoping they can spend many hours together.

Yule and Tucker

Yule met Tucker during his last visit but they didn’t get on right away. That’s actually not unusual for Yule even though we’ve introduced him to quite a few dogs over the last two or three years. Yule is generally standoffish for a bit until he decides the other dog is safe. Then they’re good. But with Tucker it seemed that Yule had to replicate his “new dog” assessment each time they shared the yard. So Yule met Tucker’s advances with a worried look and an occasional weak growl. About 20-30 minutes into the play session Yule would pluck up…

Yule came by again

To be honest, Yule has been here for a couple weeks. And he goes home tomorrow. But he’ll be back for Thanksgiving. He was his usual good-natured self during his stay. The kids discovered that some birds have been hanging in the tree in back. That was good for some entertainment and vigorous barking during Yule’s stay.   Yule has his serious moments now and then. He occasionally misses his mum, the Wealthy Heiress. Did I tell about a surprise visit from Yule a couple, three months back? In the middle of the night there’s a tapping at my window….

Tucker returns

Tucker unexpectedly came back today. Then later I thought for a while that he was going back to his people. But ended up staying with me — at least for the next 2 weeks. There’s a smallish story behind all that but I’ll save it for another day. I was glad to see him again. It was a little late in the day to be taking photos by the time I got to these so I knew the image quality would be affected. But it’s still Tucker.

Tug-of-War Ballet

I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve had quite a few things I could post but didn’t. Probably because attempting to write has become more time-consuming and frustrating. People have suggested that I ditch the writing component and stick with photos. That’s probably a good idea while I figure out the best way to downsize my activities. I’d like to learn to make videos as I am not very good at it. Learning how to get better at video-making will be challenging because learning things online is not easy for me. In the meantime I have this: Arias and Tucker almost…