Tug-of-War Ballet

I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve had quite a few things I could post but didn’t. Probably because attempting to write has become more time-consuming and frustrating. People have suggested that I ditch the writing component and stick with photos. That’s probably a good idea while I figure out the best way to downsize my activities. I’d like to learn to make videos as I am not very good at it. Learning how to get better at video-making will be challenging because learning things online is not easy for me. In the meantime I have this: Arias and Tucker almost seemed to be dancing the other night.



  1. Real nice video and a great choice of music. You nailed it!


  2. Love the “ballet.” I’ll bet the actual interactions weren’t quite as peaceful as they seemed on the video. You did a great job with it.


  3. I love this!!!


  4. Cindy Towne

    Loved this Rob! And you nailed it – it definitely was a doggie ballet. Their movements were so graceful. What great play partners.


  5. This is awesome Rob! I think Arias is trying to lead!


  6. hiddenstrengths

    Incredible choreography, beautifully preserved in your excellent video, Rob. Very well done, both by cast and crew!


  7. sargentmt

    That was perfect. I can’t believe they were able to hang on that long to the tug of war. Such determination. Wonderful play! Keep the videos coming.


  8. That was a great video.

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  9. Mary Tonningsen

    Very nice video of two beautiful dogs! And the music was perfect 😀

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