Funny Friday: Milo

I just posted about Milo on Wednesday, I know. I normally wouldn’t return to a dog so soon but …

Milo is what I call a simple dog. He struck me as such almost right away. I assure you that I say this with a high degree of affection and appreciation. Some of my all-time favorite dogs fall into the “simple” category. It does, however, require one to adjust expectations just a little.


The other morning I couldn’t find Milo. I walked through the house glancing in every room. Nowhere to be seen. Guess I missed him. Retraced my steps this time walking into each room. By the time I got to the other side of the house I was in a panic. Until I realized the door was shut on the only room I hadn’t checked: The small bathroom right in front of me. Sure enough, there he was.


I figured out what happened. It’s a small bathroom. Once he goes in the door he has to move either left toward the shower or right to the toilet. As any self-respecting dog would, he went right. Oh, and he wears a cone in the house so when he goes right he can’t help but start shutting the door. Then he turns around and nudges the door some more so there’s only a crack of an opening. Next he pushes on the door in an effort to escape and the door shuts completely. And Milo is standing in the dark wondering what the heck happened.

Could happen to any dog right? I guess. And this escapade alone is not evidence of his being simple. No, it isn’t. Having now done the same exact thing 10 times, however, does tend to make a stronger case for it.



  1. As the owner of another simple dog, I have to say, they make for the best stories. Loki will wedge herself in between the couch and coffee table and forget how to back up….She’ll stay there for hours until you move furniture so she can get out….She’s a special little girl.

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    1. That’s hilarious. Milo also got his head stuck in the gate this week. No fun for him.

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      1. I think I caught a glimpse of that as I drove by the other day….lol.


  2. Pat Myers

    Cute and simple story! But I’m wondering why he wears a cone in the house?


    1. Thanks for asking, Pat. He started licking and biting his feet shortly after he arrived. He’s sporting his cone while I am trying some remedies for him.


  3. Chris White

    Your buddy Missy has done that her whole life. She goes in the bathroom and will shut the door to the point where she can’t open it, but it isn’t latched. We taught Tigger to let her out, and boy was he good at it! He would slam himself into the door and immediately turn around and run back to me for his cookie, lol!

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    1. Missy isn’t a simple dog so I wonder what that was about. Good thing she had Tigger to help her out.


  4. He was probably doing a detailed evaluation. He may be hitting the door from different angles to see what impact the variables have? He be evaluating his cone, looking for potential weaknesses in design that could benefit him? He could be evaluating the door closing mechanics. He could be simply testing your IQ (How long will it take him to find me this time?). There’s something to be said for the perception of simplicity!! 🙂

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    1. Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure it’s one or more of those.

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  5. Carol

    He sure is pretty. Looks like a really lovable pup.

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    1. He surely is.


  6. Mary Tonningsen

    I’m in love with him already. 🙂

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    1. He’s got some something going on, that’s for sure.

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  7. sargentmt

    Ah the toilet! Dog’s best friend!

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    1. Ha-ha. Seat was down though.


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