Wilson is the latest arrival to my home. I actually moved him into the house right away. I had little choice given that my 2 kennels are already occupied. The challenge is that Wilson, sweet as he may be, is still a puppy at 11 months. He was surrendered because his humans did not have enough time for him. We’re happy that they gave him up now instead of waiting another year or two. I don’t do puppies so I can’t say where he should be at 11 months behavior-wise. I just know he still has to be watched every minute he out of the kennel. I’m not getting much else done.


  1. Mary Tonningsen

    He’s just adorable, Rob (unless he’s eating your shoe, probably!) I’m glad you’ve taken him in to teach him how to be a grown-up. It’s hard work for both of you, but let him know if he ever wants to leave home and get his own place he needs to follow the rules and to shape up or ship out! It worked for me. Wait – no it didn’t, I lived at home til I was 23. Nevermind! 😉


  2. Cindy Towne

    What a sweetheart ❣️ Goldens do stay puppies for several years and “IF” they did their homework they would find this out. But those goldens are so adorable they can pursway a heart fairly easy. Glad he ended up at a place where he will get some good training and dog manners. I’m sure he will get a great home.


  3. He’s adorable! I do like that they gave him up now, but wish people would put a little bit more thought into what it takes to raise a puppy before they get one in the first place. It’s not all fun and games. Hope he finds a forever home soon! I’m sure he will.


  4. Carol Lobmeier

    Oh my gosh, look at that face!!! He is a beauty. In my experience they stay puppies for a very loooong time. I hope he does well for you, and he finds a forever home soon.


  5. he is absolutely adorable 🙂


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