One of the saddest events at Homeward Bound, at least for me, is when we take in an older dog that was picked up running, or just walking slowly, on the street. I try to avoid feeling sick inside by imagining a sequence of events in which the dog’s owner doesn’t deserve a healthy dose of instant karma. Thinking that someone abandoned one of these precious bundles is sometimes too much. Better to rejoice that they had the good fortune to make their way to HB where we will help them make the most of their lives.

Camille is one those special dogs. She’s quite a survivor really. If memory serves, Camille was found in a field full of ticks and fleas and foxtails and mats in her coat. Dirty too probably. The county shelter held her for HB and she eventually landed in the loving hands of our volunteers. They worked on her over several days and soon she was clean and rid of the awful things that must have made her feel miserable. She saw the doc who estimated her to be about 15 years old. It’s never good to be homeless but it’s a lot tougher for a senior like Camille.But now she has a good life and is available for adoption here.



  1. When you look at her face, I feel like you can see her stories. A dog full of wisdom.


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    Oh, isn’t she beautiful? I wonder if Woody would be afraid of this old lady? He probably would, since he’s afraid of his own shadow. But she looks like such a love… ❤


  3. How could anyone abandon such a lovely lady? To get into the state you described she was either abandoned a while ago, or she has simply been seriously neglected. I also hope that someone will look loving on this lady, adopt her and give her joy and love in her senior years.


  4. derrycats

    Wish I didn’t live 3000 miles away. I’d give her a home for the rest of her days in a heartbeat.


  5. Camille, you’re so beautiful. You will have a better life now.


  6. She is a beautiful old gal. Thankful for HB for taking care of her and hope someone will adopt her and give her some happy times in her last days.

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  7. Words fail me with stories like that. The “How could they…….?” question rarely gets answered. Thank goodness for all shelters, volunteers and financial supporters. At least we know that humanity has not totally lost its direction and that compassionate souls still exist.

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