Scrappy has visitors

Last weekend Scrappy had two visitors, Buddy and Yule. I’ve written about Yule a few times already. He’s Scrappy’s best friend. It’s gratifying to see them get excited when they spot each other approaching for a visit.

Buddy had been with us once or twice before but Scrappy mostly gives him the cold shoulder. That’s okay because Buddy is still getting used to being around other dogs so just being around Scrappy for a few days is good for him. Buddy does quite well considering he was a backyard dog for the first 5 years of this life. He’s a very sweet boy with people but a little awkward with dogs at times. But he has the perfect family, and they are slowly getting him used to other dogs and working to increase his self confidence.

The big news from this visit is that Buddy and Yule met for the first time. You may recall that we figured Yule would have to be the only dog in a home due to his dog reactivity. Now he has roughhoused with Scrappy and Bear. He didn’t spend a lot of time with Buddy but he did try to engage Buddy in some play. Buddy was doing okay with it but we could tell his anxiety was increasing so we cut it short. We’re hoping they can spend more time together next time and progress further. Yule is doing so well that before long his Mom, the wealthy heiress, will be able to bring a second dog home to keep Yule company.



A bonus from the HB Memorial Garden:

r-d_roses_750_8891 r-d_rose_750_8887 r-d_poppy_750_8753 r-d_garden_750_8929



  1. I’m so glad I have three dogs I can play with now. Scrappy, your are still my best friend. I’m looking forward to our weekly play date on Sunday. Tell Rob that my mom really likes those flower pictures with the sun shining behind the flowers.
    your friend, Yule

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  2. I love the story about the dogs interacting – so nice to hear how they get along. And the photos of them, and the flowers, too, are just lovely! Thank you, Rob!

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