1. Kathryn

    Great shot Rob!

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    1. Thank you.


  2. Mary Tonningsen

    LOL! I wish there was a ‘Love” button to click rather than just a ‘Like” button. this is hilarious 😀 Silly dogs! So glad to see this photo…

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    1. It’s extremely gratifying to know Scrappy has a such a good friend in Yule. He adds a lot to Scrappy’s life.


      1. Mary Tonningsen

        I wish Woody wasn’t afraid of other dogs. I’d love for him to have a friend (altho he doesn’t feel the need to have one, obviously). Just a ‘mother’s wish’ for her furry child. 😉

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  3. sargentmt

    And how long did you have to wait or should I say how many shots did it take to get this picture? Fantastic. Love it. Glad to see they are friends and having fun. Bet Scrappy and Yule are sound asleep tonight.

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    1. I took about 25 shots of them playing. Processed 5 or 6. This one looked so bad that I’m surprised it could be saved at all.They played later in the house and then slept for an hour or so.Have to get to bed so Yule can wake me up at 6:00.


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